What We Do

We’re your first investor, often when there’s nothing but your idea.

Our funds are purposely small to support you with our time while you work through the earliest product iterations. We reserve ample capital to continue investingbehind you as you reach new milestones.

who we are

General Partners

Dave Ambrose learned how large, profitable software companies get created while starting the venture capital business at a Tiger Cub hedge fund for almost 7 years.

Matt Ziskie experienced the shift from executive to employee-led purchase decisions for enterprise software during his 10 year procurement career at Airbnb, Box and Genentech.

Who we support

Active Companies


Payments and collaboration software for digital entrepreneurs


Enterprise audio workflows for deskless workers


Display and discovery infrastructure for digital collectibles


Simple site builder and labor marketplace


All-in-one marketing platform for digital entrepreneurs

Black Oak

Subscription video marketplace for emerging black creators


Payments software for home service providers


All-in-one commerce solution for fitness creators


Education and upskilling marketplace for trade labor


Income review platform for digital entrepreneurs


Home rental payments and credit reporting software

Any Distance

A social network for movement

Focal Point

Orchestration service for enterprise procurement and projects

Unannounced Companies

Gifting software for e-commerce sellers

Community management and intelligence software

A social network for fandoms and their creators